Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Technology helps us a lot, but it has also made our brains more "lazy". We do not try to remember a fact: we look for it on the internet. If we add to that the excess of information from all the media and the agendas full of obligations, it is easy to understand why we forget things. In the following article we will tell you how to have a prodigious memory through exercises and new habits.

An inadequate care of the nails can be a determining factor when they appear brittle and opaque. Do not use them as tools and hydrate them frequently
The care of the nails has become one of the inevitable habits of beauty routine, not only because they are a complement to our look, but because their appearance can make a first impression when we relate to other people.

To meet the need to keep them healthy, the cosmetics industry has developed a wide variety of treatments and products that, applied in a habitual way, avoid its weakening.
Despite this, many have difficulties to look beautiful and healthy, since they ignore that the practice of some habits has a negative influence on their condition.
For this reason, before spending on expensive treatments, the ideal is to identify what causes their deterioration and why they tend to be brittle.